Institutional Sexual Abuse Claims

If you have ever been exposed to sexual abuse at organisations such as churches, government institutions, public schools, private schools, universities, child care centres, after-school care centres, youth and sporting clubs, foster homes, medical centres or prisons, you have a right to bring a claim for compensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I was abused many years ago. What chance do I have of recovering compensation?

There are a variety of factors that must be considered when determining prospects of success.  Fortunately, the passage of time is not necessarily a bar to commencement of a claim.  The time limitation period for these types of claims has been abolished in Queensland.  However, laws vary in other States and Territories so if you have been abused in an organisation it is important to seek legal advice without delay in case time limits do apply.  We can assist.

I still suffer from the memory of the abuse. How many times do I need to tell my story?

Just tell us once. We want for you to be heard and be helped, which is why we make an effort to take a detailed account of the history of your abuse at the outset and keep it on your file for future reference.

Will it be on the public record?

Given the sensitive nature of these types of matters, it is usually the case that claims are progressed in a strictly confidential setting, which includes closed court sittings.  Thankfully, most of these types of cases resolve before proceeding to a court hearing in any event.

Do I need a witness to support my claim?

No. While evidence from a witness would be helpful in supporting your claim, it is not absolutely necessary. A claimant can tell their story first-hand without any corroborating evidence and be accepted.

What is the claim process?

The claim process is similar to that of most personal injury type claims.  The first step is that we hear your story, take appropriate statements, lodge pre-court documents against the relevant organisation, obtain medical and other evidence to support your claim and proceed to settlement discussions. Many such claims settle and do not proceed to court hearing.

What amount of compensation is available?

The amounts of compensation that are available depend on personal circumstances of the claimant, the extent of supportive medical evidence and the type of claim brought.  We can provide an initial case assessment free of charge so that you are made aware of your rights.

Will a claim take long to complete?

Generally speaking, the completion time for a claim of this nature is usually measured in months rather than years. However, each claim is different.  The amount of preparation required during the course of the claim varies from case to case. We do not take shortcuts in preparation of your case so that we maximise your entitlements to compensation. We want to help you and we will always do what we can to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.