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Causation in long DUST DISEASE

The general health risks of asbestos exposure were observed as early as the first century. It is now well recognised that inhalation of asbestos dust can lead to the development of specific medical conditions.

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Mould Exposure. What Is The Problem?

Mould exposure leading to asbestos exposure. I have acted for a number of clients in compensation claims because they developed mould related respiratory symptoms. Many of these clients endured...

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DIY Home Renovations

Most of us are already thinking about finishing up the working week and we are looking forward to the long weekend that lies ahead. While many of us will make the most of it and hit the beaches,...

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Asbestos And Lung Cancer

Cigarette consumption is the first thought that comes to mind when people think about lung cancer. It is true that smoking is a risk factor. However, asbestos is a significant risk factor for lung...

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