Public Liability Claims

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Public Liability covers all claims except workers’ compensation, road accident claims and medical negligence. There are various types of public liability claims, including tenant claims, rental claims and faulty product claims. Businesses, public enterprises and property owners have a responsibility to ensure that men, women and children entering their space remain safe from harm. Individuals who are physically or psychologically injured as a result of a lack of due diligence are entitled to seek compensation with a negligence or public liability claim.

There are many types of public liability claims where a child, young adult or older person may have slipped, tripped, stumbled, or fallen and sustained an injury due to circumstances beyond their control.

Common public liability claims include:

  • Physical assault.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Dog attacks.
  • Poisoning as a result of food or drink.
  • Aviation accidents.
  • Injuries that occur in public places:
    • Shopping centres.
    • Supermarkets.
    • Schools.
    • Parks and amusement parks.
    • Rental premises.
  • Recreational activities:
    • Water skiing.
    • Cycling.
    • Sailing.
    • Rock climbing.
    • Abseiling.
    • Skydiving.
    • Jet skiing.
    • Diving.
    • Horse riding.

Each case is unique, and any compensation claim will be based on the nature of the accident and your personal circumstances. As a general guide, you may be eligible to claim for:

  • General damages for pain and suffering.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Rehabilitation expenses.
  • Loss of income.
  • Superannuation benefits.
  • Commercial value of care and assistance costs.
  • Out of pocket expenses.

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What are the timeframes for public liability claims in Queensland?
You are strongly advised to seek professional legal advice as soon as possible due to procedural time frames. The general time limit for making a public liability claim is three years but other time limits also apply.
What if the person that I want to claim against doesn’t have insurance?
The majority of businesses hold public liability insurance. However, if the business does not have public liability insurance, a claim may be able to be brought against the owner, person or entity who is alleged to be responsible for your injuries.
What evidence or documentation will I need to make a claim?
The more evidence you have, the better chance you have of a successful claim.
Documentation or proof may include:

  1. Incident report.
  2. Photographs of injuries, the environment, or damage to vehicles or property.
  3. Medical records, referrals and receipts for medical treatment.
Who will pay the compensation amount if I succeed in my claim?
The person or entity that you are claiming against will, in most cases, have public liability insurance. This means that their respective insurer will pay the compensation amount on their behalf.

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