What is an uplift fee?

25% uplift fee – Personal Injury Claim

Many people see uplift fees in their personal injury contracts with lawyers who represent them for personal injury claims for compensation.

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Uplift fees are often found in speculative or “no win, no fee” type agreements.

Queensland legislation allows law firms to charge an uplift fee of up to 25% on client agreements. The 25% uplift is a maximum uplift that can be applied. Many firms who apply uplift fees usually charge the full 25% uplift. It is an uplift that is charged on top of any amount that is charged for legal fees at the end of your claim.

As an example, if your professional costs are $100,000.00, you will be charged an extra $25,000.00 at the end of the claim. This would mean that your total professional costs would be $125,000.00!

The idea of the uplift fee is to recognise that there is some risk in the lawyer taking on the matter in terms of it possibly not succeeding.

However, as set out above, the uplift fee is a maximum of 25%. It does not need to be 25% – it could be much less – and it could be no uplift fee at all.

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Date Posted: February 21, 2022