Asbestos And Lung Cancer

Cigarette consumption is the first thought that comes to mind when people think about lung cancer.

It is true that smoking is a risk factor. However, asbestos is a significant risk factor for lung cancer too, which can often be overlooked.

Statistics indicate that over 12,000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer in Australia in 2018. A significant proportion of this population was estimated to be asbestos related.

Some would have been diagnosed without understanding that their condition is asbestos-related.
Many other toxic substances have been linked to an increased risk of developing lung cancer. These include diesel fumes, silica, arsenic, beryllium, benzene, and toluene.

Occupational exposure accounts for almost 30% of all lung cancers diagnosed in Australian males.
Sadly, a lot of exposure to toxic dust and fumes could have been avoided by employers providing and enforcing the use of appropriate personal protective equipment such as a mask or respirator.

Stop exposure and stop occupational lung disease. If you are working in an environment where there are harmful dust and fumes, ensure that the appropriate precautions are taken.

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Date Posted: January 23, 2019