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If you’ve suffered a psychological or physical workplace injury in Queensland, our WorkCover lawyers in Brisbane may be able to win you compensation.

Who can claim for workers’ compensation?

WorkCover Queensland is generally the default insurer for all injured workers in Queensland. If you were working as a subcontractor or for yourself (as opposed to being a full-time, part-time or casual worker), you may still be eligible. Speak to us to find out your rights!

You don’t need to be performing specific tasks when your injury occurs. Generally, you’ll be eligible to claim if you’re injured at work, on a break, while travelling for work purposes, or even attending work-related events.

Our WorkCover lawyers in Brisbane handle all types of workplace injury claims and cases. We’re proud to say that our success rate is exceptionally high – over 99%, in fact! Our unmatched workers’ compensation knowledge makes us the number-one choice for everyday Queenslanders seeking recovery support.

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What does workers’ compensation cover?

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury and you have an accepted workers’ compensation claim, the insurer may be able to assist with the following types of compensation:

Weekly benefits to cover lost wages/time off work

Future loss of wages

Medical and rehabilitation costs

Lump-sum payments for severe or permanent impairment

Don’t suffer in silence. Let Rogalski Lawyers be your voice and trusted guide on your path to recovery. We’ll help you bounce back without the stress of lost income.

Common Workplace Injuries

Any workplace injury or accident can be challenging for you and your family to manage. Your living expenses and daily responsibilities don’t stop just because you can’t work – but that’s why WorkCover exists. The most common workplace injuries you can receive compensation for include:


  • Spinal injury after manual handling
  • Neck injury in the mines or on construction sites
  • Psychological injury after being bullied or harassed by other colleagues
  • A flare up of a previous injury due to a new incident at work
  • Shoulder, hand or foot injury when using machinery
  • Delayed onset injuries, such as asbestos and silica-related diseases
  • Repetitive strains or other injuries that develop gradually over time

Every situation is unique, but the golden rule is to seek medical attention for all workplace accidents or injuries. If you are confused on what to do next, Rogalski Lawyers is here for you. Our lawyers are kind, approachable and committed to easing your healing and claims journey.

Should I seek legal guidance?

Generally, you should be entitled to a claim if your injury occurs at work, on the way to and from work, or while travelling for work. However, there are certain circumstances where your claim may be rejected or you need to take legal action. 

That’s where the help of an experienced compensation lawyer really comes in handy. At Rogalski Lawyers, our track record in winning workers’ compensation claims speaks for itself. Our job is to take the hassle out of the claims process, allowing you to focus on a speedy recovery.

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What is the WorkCover claim process?


Seek Medical Treatment

Your main priority following a workplace injury is to look after yourself. Depending on the type and severity of the injury, you may need to contact an ambulance or attend the emergency department. Your health and well-being are the top priority here, so ensure you take care of yourself before even considering your compensation rights.


Contact Your Employer

Notifying your employer of the injury can occur verbally, but we always recommend putting the details in writing to maintain clear records. You should notify your employer of where and when the injury occurred, what you were doing, and the medical attention you initially required.


Statutory Claim Lodgement

You can lodge a statutory claim (more generally known as lodging a WorkCover claim) directly with the insurer either online, by phone or by regular mail. This process involves providing details of the injury, your employer, any medical certificates you’ve been provided with and any other documentation relevant to your injury. Although it is a ‘no-fault’ scheme, we understand this process may feel daunting. Our WorkCover lawyers are here to help – strict time limits apply.


Free Initial Meeting

We can meet you in person (your place or ours) or chat on the phone to hash out the details of your incident. The purpose of this meeting will be to give you clear and early advice about taking the next step in your journey – commencing your common law claim. You can also use this opportunity to discuss lodging your statutory claim if you haven’t already because of your complex situation. You can count on us to simplify the process and treat you with compassion and respect.


Common Law Claim for Damages

We will commence this process on your behalf. You will then most likely undergo further medical examinations. In the meantime, we will exchange documents with the insurer and later receive a response advising whether it admits or denies liability.



Most workers’ compensation claims reach a settlement outside the courtroom. We aim for fair settlements through negotiation, sparing you the added expenses and stress of a trial. A settlement can easily be reached if both parties agree on a suitable compensation amount. We can provide strong representation and guidance if your claim proceeds to court.

Want to know if you have a claim?

Our lighting-fast, user-friendly online claim checker can confirm if you have a valid claim.

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

How long does a WorkCover claim take in Queensland?

The duration of the claim depends on several factors, including the type of injury, the rate of your recovery, the date of injury, the complexity of the circumstances leading to injury, the state of medical evidence and more. 

Our expert compensation lawyers can assist in making sure that these types of claims are efficiently progressed and finalised promptly.

What evidence should I document after a work injury in Queensland?

When dealing with any workplace injury, we recommend documenting everything you can from the time of the injury, including: 

  • Photographs of the incident location
  • Contact details of any witnesses
  • All medical records from your initial treatment
  • Copies of the email or letter you send to your employer detailing the nature of the injury
  • Any correspondence between yourself, your employer, medical professionals and your workers’ compensation lawyers

Unfortunately, WorkCover claims are usually complex, so you should retain as much documentation as possible.

How long can I stay on workers’ compensation in Queensland?

While many wish for a quick return to work after an injury, some recoveries take much longer. WorkCover payments can replace lost wages for an extended period—up to five years under Queensland law.

If your recovery extends or medical advice suggests no full recovery, additional payments like total and permanent disability or lump sum compensation might be available. Each case varies – we’re here to guide you through this potentially overwhelming process.

What if my Queensland Workers’ Compensation claim is rejected?

A worker has three months from the date they receive a decision from WorkCover Queensland (or the respective Queensland workers’ compensation self-insurer) to apply for review of the decision. If you do not lodge a review in this timeframe, it will likely mean that you will be barred from reviewing the decision forever.

What is an independent medical examination (‘IME’)?

IMEs are organised by the insurer for a few reasons but mainly to assess the recovery of your physical or psychological injury and to determine whether maximum medical improvement has been achieved.

How long does the authorised insurer have to accept or reject my claim?

WorkCover Queensland or any self-insurer in Queensland must decide on any compensation application lodged by a worker within twenty business days after receiving it.

My employer promised to pay for any ongoing expenses if I don’t lodge a WorkCover claim. What should I do?

We strongly do not recommend entering into any informal arrangements like this one with the employer. There are strict time limits that apply to WorkCover claims and your legal entitlements may be extinguished if you wait too long. It is important that you seek legal advice if a situation like this one arises.